The Notebook—Entry no.1: The MONITOREdit


SO it's like this. In 1997 I (R. Talmadge Lacy ), bored with another listless day of public education drew a "7FOOT tall genderless creep with a head that's a huge pair of TeeTH", and about a year later the creature was dubbed MONITOR, the "pSychO SeXX goD" for reasons that are anti-climatic, so they're best left to your own imagination.

Anyhoo~ it was the first thing I drew I thought was actually original. In 2002 it would be the basis of The Kult oV MONITOR, my own personal take on parody religions (inspired by a random encounter with The Church of the SubGenius website). But a funny thing happened in the course of creating the Kult's program—I invented sex magic! From the very beginning the Kult oV MONITOR said that by having sex in the name of MONITOR *things* will start to happen in your favor. Amazing!

Well like I said, all that happened in 2002 (November, to be precise). And since then the concept of MONITOR has become infinitely more important than the image that started it all. Eventually, I came to see "MONITOR" as a word that represented the totality of our living "reality".

But the more things change, the more they stay the same—the idea of invoking the name (or word) "MONITOR" during intercourse to manifest beneficial coincidences in your life is now something that seems plausible, rather than 'just a joke', as it was originally intended. And now it occurrs to me that if "MONITOR" is just another name for "GOD" i.e. our living reality (b/c I do believe "reality" is alive and that it's a definition for God that has an internal logic, imo), then why can't you just say, "O! GoD! 0h! gOD! O! goD!!" while getting laid and not expect the same results? Not one damn reason I can think of.

The issue here is an educated, conscious direction of energy and genuine Spiritual Wisdom. So there. With enough practice you can begin to experience the collective consciousness (yet another logical definition for God) as a dream, endowing you with even more control over our holographic "reality".


But get this, awhile back I walked into an African themed novelty store in Cincinnati and came across a familiar looking character (see picture). Not only does a large pair of TeeTH top off the body, but it's also genderless! But Africans don't call it MONITOR, they call it KITUNUSI—the 'not bad' demon, and it has some views on sex you just might find VERY intriguing.