Our QueenEdit

[name withheld] says: "Here me! and know because my judgment is against impotency I emancipate thee from the God and Lords and Saviors of the ancients: and from the bibles and sacred books of the ancients; and from the ancient commandments and injunctions; because they have tried their respective religions hundreds of years and they have not raised up one city of righteous people. Even though it was I who initiated the ancients into MY GAME; I have also misled them to satisfy the certain dangerous complexities of that scheme. For their works were truly designed to be destroyed when the 7STAR comes right (hand) again."

The SchemeEdit

Through its various symbols & stories the porn cult fashioned a media organism and implanted it in your unconscious mind. And this construct of living information is the key to expanding your consciousness.

Before this era, "The WøRD" survived through the mental and physical energy dedicated to the symbols & stories which made up its 'body'—things like going to church or earning money kept it alive. Until now! Now that the final piece of the Puzzle has been revealed, the process can be realized on a conscious, willing & participatory level.

That's Where You Come InEdit

…When you join porn cult you'll learn our entire Puzzle Plot. It's then up to you to use your creativity and imagination to go into the story and fill in the holes. Because it is the very nature of your imagination that is at the heart of this story. It's already a part of your DNA, but it needs your unique interpretation of it in order to evolve.

Intro—Part IV