Other Religions Try to Sell You on "Saving The World", But We've Set Our Sights a Little HigherEdit

You may or may not know the universe itself is dying. Stars use up their fuel until they burn out or collapse on themselves. Eventually ALL the stars will burn out leaving the universe a giant tomb of nothingness…

And that would be the end of the story if it wasn't for a hyper dimensional porn cult invading this reality.


…is to unite the two dimensions into one. You see, this dimension is like a shadow twin of the porn cult's reality. Long ago our two dimensions were one, but thru a twist of fate they separated. However, the porn cult has broken through to mend the rift from within. In fact, the spark of light that transformed humanity so long ago was a microcosm of their entire reality! And their reality is CONSCIOUSNESS. Now they want to help us expand our consciousness (expand their reality) until our world becomes like a lucid dream thus saving it from a materialistic fate!

Once upon a timeless timeEdit

…the 7$T4R was visited by a blue-white ball of light-sound calling itself, THE MONITOR, saying unto the 7$T4R: I AM WHO I AM & I AM YOU & You are the Mystery of yourself… By my Hand, which is the same as your Head, have I fashioned this path you will follow. Now listen, and I will tell you a story…