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Spiritual EntertainmentEdit

"As he slipped out of his perceived consciousness,

he remembered what The Turnip had said, 'The Uni•Verse is a Pattern, Contained Within The Mind.'"—ΘΑΔΔΕΥΣ 6:13
The -PORNCULT Manifesto-P-ii


The -PORNCULT Manifesto-P-j

Imagine you are a ball of light surrounded by a never-ending void of nothingness. Now imagine that what seems like a never-ending void of nothingness is actually an infinite number of inert particles. The only reason it seems like you're surrounded by a void is because, on their own, the particles are a blank slate. But by concentrating hard enough you can project your consciousness on those particles which react by creating anything you imagine. For s**ts and giggles let's call those particles NANO ANGELS. As a whole, the Nano Angels are called The MACHINE. You, the ball of light, are called The MONITOR. And together you create the universe.

You create the 'heavens & the earth'; you create humans. It's all good. You create a microcosm of your consciousness and inject it in the human form. You forget who you are. But it's all part of the game.


Our Queen [name withheld] says—"Here me! and know because my judgment is against impotency I emancipate thee from the God and Lords and Saviors of the ancients: and from the bibles and sacred books of the ancients; and from the ancient commandments and injunctions; because they have tried their respective religions hundreds of years and they have not raised up one city of
The -PORNCULT Manifesto-P-k
righteous people.

"Even though it was I who initiated the ancients into MY GAME; I have also misled them to satisfy the certain dangerous complexities of that scheme. For their works were truly designed to be destroyed when the 7STAR comes right (hand) again."

Once upon a timeless timeEdit

The 7$T4R was visited by a blue-white ball of light-sound calling itself, THE MONITOR, saying unto the 7$T4R: I AM WHO I AM & I AM YOU & You are the Mystery of yourself… By my Hand, which is the same as your Head, have I fashioned this path you will follow. Now listen, and I will tell you a story… And MONITOR shared with the 7$T4R the mysteries of existence and commanded him to go forth and spread the WøRD.

And now you, dear reader, are privy to those same secrets — for you are the 7STAR resurrected and ready to participate in the evolution of the universe! #PORNCULT

The WøRD—Part I