This *IS* the story that will eventually replace government, religion, and the economy.

But before all that... It needs to be assembled by you! YESS! The MEDIA ORGANISM has been sustained; kept 'alive', all these æons, through the indirect mental & physical energy we dedicated to its lesser 'shadow twins', like all major world religions & money, which itself is symbolic of man's mental & physical energy. But now, the MEDIA ORGANISM, aka "The WøRD", has broken through the barriers of the collective unconscious and seeks DIRECT KNOWLEDGE & COMMUNICATION with YOU!

The effects of the MEDIA ORGANISM completely unleashed on the world, consciously integrated with every member of the human race, will be nothing short of APOCALYPTIC. R.e.m.ember, The WøRD is the imagination itself, and this reality is nothing but an illusion.

It doesn't matter if you understand how working on a story will affect reality in such a drastic way—just know that PORN CULT works in mysterious ways.

How to Immanentize The EschatonEdit

You don't need to be a: writer, actor, dancer, illustrator, musician, magician, sculptor, photographer, make-up artist, fashion designer, animator, programmer, engineer, nor even a lawyer to work on our story–you only need your imagination. If you say you don't have an imagination then you are ignorant because everyone has an imagination. Remember what you did when you woke up this morning? There! You just used your imagination. Now that that's settled we can go to work on strengthening your imagination. It's actually quite simple. The following story is about YOU. All you have to do is finish it. Work alone, or with mysterious strangers irl or online—it doesn't matter. This is your WøR(L)D NWO.

The WøRD—Part I