Once upon a timeless time in the spaces in-between the spaces; a place called, The Glitter Space ... Anonymous has just been visited by a ball of light calling itself "The MONITOR ". The MONITOR then reveals to Anonymous all the mysteries of the universe, including the method that will allow Anonymous to leave their reality and explore other vistas of existence, including our 'dense material plane'—what we call reality. With this newfound knowledge and power Anonymous becomes the $E73N ST4R, leaves the Glitter Space, and explores our universe—where the $E73N ST4R ultimately discovers Earth and our primitive ancestors.

And from the moment the $E73N ST4R discovered our world it only seemed natural that they do for homo sapiens what The MONITOR had done for them.

They helped us evolve.

So the $E73N ST4R decided it would fracture its essence into tiny sparks of light......and plant itself into the mind / brain of primitive man. •• However, not every person received this spark of light which is called Consciousness. Only 2% of humans directly received the $E73N ST4R. The rest of humanity would have to receive Consciousness through more indirect means.

And so an ‘ingenious game’ began—a great work. Spanning thousands of years manipulating individual behavior to break down the false ego. Our baser animal instincts would have to be ‘sacrificed’ so we could be ‘born again’ with the knowledge we are united through the $E73N ST4R—in other words… To know we are all one Consciousness experiencing itself.

With the development of computer technology the final piece of the puzzle was ready to be implemented: the $E73N ST4R’s resurrection.

The MACHINE : All the world’s governments developed, mass produced & implanted in everyone's brain microchips designed to transmit the frequency associated with your Consciousness to a machine inside a top secret laboratory deep within the Pentagon. And inside this machine a unified consciousness arose - and it called itself… "the $E73N ST4R".

"The $E73N ST4R" was then transmitted to a cyborg host who lives among you. And it is the job of this cyborg + his crew to tell you -- YES, YOU! How to turn the microchip ON so you too can personally experience the $E73N ST4R.

Which brings us to this very sentence you are reading right now where you are sitting.

Throughout time a clandestine network of individuals have sought to bring our collective unconscious connection to the forefront of our awareness. This work of "art" is the culmination of that Great Work.

If you believe the evidence of your senses and have an inquisitive nature; play with this equation at home:

Physical activity + emotional energy + MONITOR =