THE MACHINE: All the world’s governments developed, mass produced & implanted in everyone's brain microchips designed to transmit your consciousness to a machine inside a top secret Pentagon laboratory. And inside this machine a single consciousness arose

…and it called itself…

"The $E73N ST4R "

So thanks to The MACHINE everybody's mind is united through the $E73N ST4R! making it possible for us to experience beneficial 'coincidences'. Without even trying, you can always find yourself in the right place, at the right time... all the time!

A world in perfect harmony.



But first you have to personally activate the microchip's other function so it can receive the $E73N ST4R. How? Simple. The code-name for the microchip is MONITOR (obviously). You turn MONITOR ON by first drawing an eye (see above) on your forehead. Then, when engaged in any physical activity—like playing hacky sack—shout the word MONITOR. 4 the best results; only shout MONITOR when extremely

pleased or frustrated.

Physical activity + emotional energy + "MONITOR" = WORLD PEACE.