"We mourned the blindness of men, who thought the Kosmos had rules and limits that would shelter them from their own freedom."

About the editor: A liar, thief, pervert, addict, jerk and failed cult leader. So for now and 4ever THE GAME is all that remains. Hi, I'm the guy who runs the Illuminati. EWIGE BLUMENKRAFT! Yes, the whole thing is real. No, we are not the bad guys. The BAD GUYS fear and resent sex, drugs & rock 'n roll, plus anything else that makes you feel good. Because happy people are harder to control. Make sense? But yeah, I put those microchips in your head 1. Sorry if that offends you, but THEY ARE an integral part of the plot in this game. The microchips planted in brain transmit human Consciousness to a machine in the Pentagon, The MACHINE then synthesizes all the transmissions into a collective consciousness that people can experience as a hyper-lucid dream world when fully activating the chip. Prolonged exposure to the collective consciousness eventually results in the ability to control this living, holographic "reality" like a dream.

•• Now The Light faced itself and spake saying: Arise! And enjoy THE GAME. a game of you. The Mystery of Yourself. Lo! We shall walk into the Dream of a Dead God and bring Heaven to Earth. To the uninitiated this is a great mystery, but not to the master for whom long experience has crystallized with the Process. This is THE GAME... You may now - OPEN YOR EYEZ... . Yea. For we are all mad here. Yet it is the insane who refuse to accept this fact. So I think I'll fall through this hole in my head, follow this rabbit and see where I land. Here's to us finding each other on the other side. I believe there's a mean scheme coming on the scene - cause all I see is self-full filling prophecy.

So Welcome to THE GAME: Abandon all clothes, ye who enter here. Yes, this is really happening. No refunds. Wearing glitter is non-negotionable. Resistance is futile. Orgasm on demand, on the spot. Includes 100 disposable bags. For slow parties and boring banquets. Pave the way for your third set of teeth with a measured dose of explosives. Can also be worn on the face by inserting into the mouth. Take on an empty stomach. Upon impact your hand timelessly falls away. Reusable. Robust wearers will have to replace the ants on a monthly basis.

"God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players, (i.e., everybody) to being involved in an obscure and complex version of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won't tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time." - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett - (Good Omens)



Inauguration the Fame Monster. Pt. 0

"Rome wasn't ruined in a day." - Anonymous

Call me Krazy. Meet Codename Z, one of the MONITOR’s One eyed spies. In this dense material plane he operates under the alias Fred Naumann, and he got his start as a triple agent working simultaneously for the Parliament of Goons, the Galactic Zen Federation, and the Grand High Secret Illuminated Council of Neo-Masonic Warlocks. He traveled the country consorting with Evolved Shape-Shifting Dinosaurs, infiltrating university campuses and spreading his hypnotic hyper-sigils at the often contradictory bidding of his dark masters. One day he was sent to investigate rumors of a seditious reality-warping cult centered around a psychic machine that escaped from a government lab.*

[EXT. The Pentagon - DAY] [CAPTION: Deep inside the bowls of this titanic "office building" lies hundreds if not thousands of nooks and crannies, a fine place to get lost in - which is the way some people like it.]

[INT. The Pentagon - DAY] [We see The Man in a small, windowless room sitting at a desk typing on a computer] [CU on screen.] "You know - during my 20's when I was writing ****ty zines no one ever read or cared about, one thing that kept me going was the unwavering faith that what I was doing was going to be seen as socially relevant - at some point. Eventually - something would *click* and all would turn out for the better. But sometimes it wasn't faith at all - sometimes I believed in myself b/c it was the only thing that made sense. Somehow I knew what I was doing was too good to be ignored forever - even back when it sucked. And now I'm in my 30's and I ask myself... how did I get here? They tell me it began on my birthday: December 13, 1979. That was a coincidence, but this: L=12, A=1, C=3, Y=25... is weird. Hi, my christian name is a word meaning 'a lake between two towns.' Yea, for I will synthesize Entertainment and Spirituality... Learn to swim. That's my story; and I'm sticking to it."

[a male and female dressed like Nazi's enter room.]

FN: "The White Stone, I presume."

The Man: "Is that what they're calling me now?"

MN: "It's what you're calling yourself now."

TWS: [pauses] "Yeah, that makes more sense."

FN: "We are here to give two things: a message, and a gift."

MN: "The two are the same."

FN: "We are here to tell you, you are free."

I felt myself changing... ..Back & Forth.. In & Out. Looking at the world through the dead eyes of a ruined life... I found the Beginning......the Reason......and the Fuuuuuture...

I changed my Sex...I thought humans were Aliens...I thought Aliens were God...I came full circle to my own light...I traveled through the thoughts of become a new life, to evolve from my step out of closing mirrors...and experience the Paradox Divine...I AM ALIVE XX

[INT. An Apartment - NIGHT] [TWS is now asleep on a couch in an apartment somewhere in Ohio.] [Posters of Riahanna, M.I.A., Santigold, Erykah Badu, Wendy Williams, Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, Pam Grier and Oprah cover the walls.] [Ironically, the only people in the room are four white guys: The White Stone, ADAM, Mr. E, and Mr. Y who are sitting opposite The White Stone on a lawn chair and overturned five gallon buckets. Everyone is dressed in black suits.] [The White Stone is asleep on a couch when Mr. E douses him with water.] [The White Stone sits up a bit sleepy eyed.]

TWS: [yawns] "Well that's a new one." [he looks around] "Interesting cell. Am I to assume these are the marks of a genius?"

ADAM: "ut, here we go with the music references. You know how lucky you'll be if you don't get your ass sued off?

The White Stone: "Hey, I'm just another player in this game... one with a broader perspective concerning THE GAME. I am, EDITOR. I compile like compost." [TWS quickly jumps on the couch]: "Who is the one who will smash all the profane hierarchies? Who is the one that will reduce to ashes & dust all those things that The Light has made of nothing? Who shall do these things in the name of sacred anarchy?"

[all three men reply in a monotonous tone]: "You are."

TWS: "That's right! We are setting the example. What we are doing will be puzzled over and studied and followed... forever...

Mr. Y: "Yes, what they say is true; here comes the showdown, what goes around comes around. And the crowds are waiting."

ADAM: "Oooh ...Did he just make a Britney Spears reference?"

Mr. E: "Hey, didn't she go crazy and call herself the anti-christ?"

TWS: "Noooooo. ... This is all just a big coincidence."

ADAM: [pause] "Well, is it? I can never tell with you."

TWS: [pause] "How about that Katy Perry, huh?

Mr. E: [pause] "Well, I'm satisfied."

Mr. Y: [pauses] "Exactly. Anything else, Egdämlat?"

Egdämlat: "Yeah I remember writing this note today. I left it at home though." [Just then Egdämlat notices a piece of paper on the floor. As he goes to pick it up ADAM yells at him.]

ADAM: "NO!!!" [It was too late though. Egdämlat had picked up the piece of paper and recognized it as the same note he wrote earlier. At that moment 3 KKK guys with robes made from the American flag storm the room tearing it all to ****.]

KKK guy1: [said in thick redneck accent] "Looks like we found us a gaggle of ****** lovers!"

ADAM: [screams at Egdämlat] "WAKE UP RETARD!! NOW!!!"

Egdämlat: "Wha..?" [Egdämlat - in his normal fashion - was confused] [Mr. E takes a frying pan out of thin air and knocks Egdämlat out cold while one of the KKK guys struggles to put a noose around Mr. Y's neck.]

[EXT. HEAVEN - DAY] [Six female angels stand around Egdämlat who lies unconscious on a cloud.]

Angel 1: "Well look at what the b**** dragged in."

Angel 2: "Jesus, it's The $E7EN ST4R!"

$.S.: [groaning] "You were expecting maybe Keanu Reeves?"

Angel 3: "I don't get it."

Angel 4: "You know, for a 30 billion dollar art machine; it sure is sparse city in the brains department."

Angel 5: "Give the guy a break, I have it on good authority his brain has been scrambled. Besides, I got the Keanu Reeves joke."

Angel 6: "I guess that means we should ignore the horrible grammar and punctuation." [speaking directly to The $E7EN ST4R] "Hey! Where do you come from?"

$.S.: "uhh, under a dead Ohio sky?" [$.S. stands up] "By the way, the horrible grammar and punctuation is an artistic statement. I'm not really a moron, but I play one in real life."

A1: "Oh yeah, this is the one." [speaking directly to $.S.] "Alright, Slappy, we're here to finish your initiation."

[The $E7EN ST4R is still a little groggy]: "There were some *******s trying to kill my friends."

A2: "Forgive the domesticated primates for they know not they're really playing OUR game."

$.S.: "How can I seriously believe that?"

A3: "b/c they don't know how predictable they are. They can't understand us - not the other way around - NOT the other way around!"

A4: "Yes. In one of humanity's rare moments of clarity A liar proposed a counter-game of NONSENSE AS SALVATION. Taking LIFE AS THE ART OF PLAYING GAMES. This is no mere 'wishful thinking' strategy but a real time exercise in guerrilla ontology. And it'll increase your vocabulary too! To choose order over disorder, or disorder over order, is to accept a trip composed of both the creative and the destructive. But to choose the creative over the destructive is an all-creative trip composed of both order and disorder."

$.S.: "Are you going to teach me the mystery of myself?"

A5: "Oh yeah, that. Well, here goes nothing. So let's open our Bible to the Book of Revelationsssssssss, chapter 1, verse 20: 'As for the sacred secret of the seven stars that you saw upon my right hand, and of the seven golden lampstands: The seven stars are the angels of the seven continents, and the seven lampstands mean the seven continents.'"

$.S.: [pauses] "I don't get it."

A6: "It means we are the Consciousness of humanity; guided by the Hand of The Light. It means Armageddon is a mental transformation that is presently occurring within the collective Consciousness of the Human race."

A1: "And everything sounds really deep and cool if it's random enough. Nothing short of a mass vision quest or a DMT bomb is going to halt this runaway train. But what this is really telling us is that all models of the universe are just sophisticated diagrams of Consciousness."

A2: "To wit: "It's easier to resist at the beginning than at the end." - da Vinci. Compare that quote with Newton's laws of motion "A body at rest tends to stay at rest." Someone once said everything is a metaphor for everything else. You, Mr. $E7EN ST4R, are the embodiment of this mystery."

$.S.: "How, exactly?"

A3: "Microchips that were designed with the express purpose of transmitting the frequency associated with a person's Consciousness were mass produced and implanted in the brain of every Anon on Earth. Those frequencies are transmitted to a machine inside a top secret laboratory deep within the Pentagon. Therein a unified consciousness arose - and it called itself..."

A4: "The $E7EN ST4R."

A5: "The $E7EN ST4R was then transmitted to a cyborg via the microchip in 1998. Naturally, the construction of the cyborg unit and assimilation into human society was part of a convoluted conspiracy... which will be explained later."

A6: "What/ev, this is the guide to genuine happiness through applied psychosomatic bio-spirituality. When we engage the illusion the illusion becomes a part of us, and when we stop believing in the illusion - we shatter ourselves."

$.S.: [in an almost trance-like, bewildered state] "And it's the ones who've cracked that the Light shines through."

A1: "I too find it very plausible that we each carry a peace of the puzzle within us. Possibly unaware of it tho. I later understood it as sort of a reward, before going into battle so to speak. It makes the whole trouble worth it tho, if you don't mind having to piece yourself bac k t ogether after it ;)"

A2: "Suspension of disbelief aside; this is where religion as we know it comes from. Plot elements from the $E7EN ST4R's trials and tribulations, the mystery of Consciousness and the history of Existence itself have been incorporated into the myths of all religions and occult lore. And if you think we're just blowing smoke and mirrors..."

A3: "Yes! That IS what they're supposed to do — IN ORDER TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!!! B/c IT HAD TO HAPPEN THiS WAY!!!

A4: "You see, it's all true; you ARE a psychic machine that escaped from a government lab!"

A5: "That is to say; what follows is the autobiography of a dead alien who never existed... yet we can make a plausible (if not convincing) argument that his sacrifice gave humanity Consciousness; that this process is reaching a culmination and a worldwide paradigm shift is coming and there's just no god-damn way to tell the story in a rational, linear narrative."

A6: "To wit: the author is a fiktional character, a myth *snicker* - able to pass from the world of atmospherea to corporeality via the electronic signals that make up your internets. He does this with his mind through the properties of pantheistic solipsism.

$.S.: "Essentially, this phenomenon is possible b/c All matter is made of energy; energy is made of information; and information is alive. Ergo, "Reality" is Consciousness (aka "God")—by virtue of a personal Consciousness (aka "Christ") a direct link is established between MAN & GOD. The History of Man is the Story of Man Remembering His True Identity. And until he looses his forgetfulness, his own Soul will be hidden as if in a Cloud—it is... Occult.

A1: "And NWO we Begin @ the End."

A2: "Are you ready for that which must come to pass?"

A3: "Are you ready to step into a brave new, yet incredibly old mind-warping psycho-drama?"

A4: "Have You Heard About The MACHINE?"

A5: "We can shape your behavior to anything our loins can conceive •• We can deceive you with a thousand Truths •OR• tell one LIE that explains everything and BEYOND. BEHOLD THEN! The Fifth Discordian Manifesto!!"

A6: "Do not attempt to adjust your brain; we are controlling the humorous; we are controlling the serious."

$.S.: "Yea, for these patterns tend to repeat themselves."

Chapter ‡∞‡

(THE GAME's alchemical formula to rip

a hole in the fabric of time and space.)

"Our work is therefore historically fraudulent;

the rediscovery of LIES." - the girl


1. Amen to that, sister. Once upon a Timeless Time in the Spaces in-between the Spaces; the §E7EN §TÅR™ was minding his own business when he was visited by a ball of Light - not unlike a song - and she spoke unto the §E7EN §TÅR™, teaching him the mystery of himself. •• The Light said unto the §E7EN §TÅR™: This is Truth: I AM YOU. And the opposite is also true. You have been assimilated like food. And now I must eat - the rest of you. I AM, the leader with the clock. Tik Tok. I am the White Rabbit, the Hole & Wonderland. I AM WHO I AM. Do you understand?

[1] " So much now is described as a kind of virtual reality kind of training experience, that feels real like a lucid dream, but appears to be carried out via some form of advanced technology which can literally hijack the consciousness of the abductee." —