The Puzzle ThickensEdit

School's out forever. So where do you go? Meanwhile, Lucifer is fatally distracted by a declaration of peace. A grisly murder by a shapeless assassin saves the universe. A kosmic conspiracy cult, a seedy Los Angeles S&M club, and a central character who won't live to see how any of it plays out. Detectives assigned to the case are at a loss to explain how it happened. 


Welcome back to the Evolutionary war. The Devil is prepared as the last supper for a pack of homeless gods. CIA agents, Rose & Cross, continue to track down the horrifying truth behind the newly elected president's successful campaign. The girl with a haunted vagina, "White Lightning" wishes $he stayed out of the story, but knows $he's too deep in the quicksand now to quit.


Rose & Cross's origin is revealed in a story about teenage romance and violent rebellion. God finally resolves His painful relationship with His son, Satan. Dead bodies and double-crosses keep mounting as the strange bond between "fact" ‡ "fiction", and the temporal dimension is further disclosed to detectives unable to sleep. The conspiracy cult finally reaches the promise land, only to find that an uncertain future awaits them.

The WøRD—Part III