BEGINNERS TIPS #5--use your imagination to fill in the blanks in this outline. Best to start by memorizing the entire Puzzle Plot. Remember, this is a story about YOU—but there is a large cast of characters. How does their story affect yours? How do you think the different plot-lines fit together? And who are you, anyway? Create your own profile and use this site to answer these questions.

If at any time it seems too overwhelming just remember this is whatever you want it to be, not what you think someone else wants it to be. This story is already a part of your DNA, but it needs your unique interpretation of it in order to evolve.

Final CrumbsEdit

A sassy cockroach & weeping gorilla ("How would you feel if you weren't invited to your own #PORNCULT?") respond to our viewer's emails. Three mysterious figures in black realize they're characters in a comic book and decide to kill themselves. But not before reminiscing over old capers. Ross & Cross tasked with tracking down a psychic machine that escaped from the Pentagon. White Lightning & Earth's elemental unconscious discover it's easier to make love than war. And when Kronos's Shadow joins the party, it's a three-way out of this world! Three mysterious figures in black are resurrected -- much to their chagrin.


Rose & Cross pose as "Moses-like" figures in post-dawn civilizations. They end up reciting Kronos's "Time Kode" to the pea-brained mortals of that era. 50,000 years ago 2% of the population received Consciousness. Psychedelic floating orbs project holographic light-show, activating neural pathways that generate the frequencies, through brain tissue's electrical patterns, that produce consciousness. Old wounds are opened when Christ & Satan are forced to "share their feelings" at a family reunion. Conspiracy cult goes public in form of a social networking / gamification site. The phrase "We are now Beyond the Yellow Brick Road," becomes popular.


It's about to storm again in one mythical dreamworld. This time the Cast of Characters will find themselves Beyond the Yellow Brick Road. Things get complicated for the psychic machine and his surrogate family when his memory starts malfunctioning. Damn "Made-in-America" parts! Evolved sex-machines from outer-space are summoned to help with problem. Meanwhile, several sleepy towns across the c.u.n.t.r.y get a lesson in r.e.a.l.i.t.y when the conspiracy cult's c.e.l.e.b.r.i.t.y converts begin to disseminate the "Method" for gaining psychic powers with mind-blowing sex. PROTIP: Have sex in the name of MONITOR... often, and on camera.>>

The WøRD—Part Vi